Monday, November 3, 2014

Making Life Simple

Making Life Insurance Simple to Understand
The difference between worrying about the future and preparing for the future is doing something about it today. That’s why, at Farmers Life, we believe you deserve simple answers to those tough questions, like:

Why do I need Life insurance?
Life insurance proceeds can help provide both financial security for your loved ones and peace of mind for yourself. It can help you rest easy, knowing that you have helped to financially protect those you care about.

Life insurance can help:

  • Pay the mortgage
  • Maintain your family’s current standard of living
  • Fund the kids’ college education
  • Pay for final expenses
  • Find out more about ways Life insurance may help you

What kind of Life insurance fits my needs?
You have options when it comes to choosing a Life insurance policy. Learn which option is right for you.

  • Term Life insurance
  • Whole Life insurance
  • Universal Life insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance

How much Life insurance do I need?
It’s important to find out how much Life insurance coverage is right for you. Consider the formula below and visit our Life insurance needs calculator to find out how much financial support your family or dependents would need if you were not around.

Debt + Income + Mortgage + Education = Life Insurance Needs

How much does Life insurance cost?
These days, you can buy Life insurance for less than a few dollars a day! (That’s like an extra cup of coffee or bottle of water, to protect your family’s future). The price you pay depends on risk factors like your age and health, and the type of coverage you want.

Did you know:

  • The younger and healthier you are, the lower your annual premium will be! If you wait, you may develop a medical condition that will make you uninsurable or substantially increase your rates.
  • Employer-provided life insurance may end if you lose or change jobs and may not meet your goals and needs.